Licensing vs. Training

Although reciprocity is written into our state statute, there is no reciprocity for licensing with any neighboring states.  To become licensed in another state, you will need to fill out that state’s application, go through their background checks, and submit fees.

There is, however, reciprocity with NESA member state training*.

*Arkansas and the ASAA have no control over what other state licensing and associations do.  They have the right to change the state statutes and association rules without our permission or knowledge.

Wichita Course

Level I

Arkansas Equivalent

Level I

The City of Wichita will NOT accept an ASAA certificate.  You will need to contact Brad to get an equivalent KESA certificate.

Brad Ship
National Electronic Security Alliance

Oklahoma Course

Residential/Burg & Fire

Commercial Fire

CCTV / Access Control

Arkansas Equivalent

Level I

Fire Installation and Wiring Codes



The Oklahoma Department of Labor will NOT accept an ASAA certificate.  You will need to contact Danna to get an equivalent OKBFAA certificate.

Danna Fowble
P.O. Box 1585
Norman, OK 73070
(405) 664-0270

Other states

The ASAA is always interested in working with other states and state association to obtain reciprocity.  Please let us know what governmental bodies we need to contact to obtain reciprocity.