The fastest, most economic way to meet the State’s training requirement.  The ASAA has been providing training since 1985, and been State approved since training became required in 1998.

We’ve had over 3,200 students attend our NESA certified training since January 1, 2006.  We’ve had over 5,000 students take our courses since beginning training in 1985.

Our results time is usually less than 48 hours.

All of our instructors have over 10 years of real world experience.

Three of our instructors (Jordon, Randy, and Rick) have been teaching industry-related courses for over 20 years.

Randy has 35+ years experience in the industry.

We host our courses at two buildings that meet the needs of the students and instructors.

Instructors also provide drinks and light snacks for each of the full days of training.

The ASAA can also provide training for your company.   We require 15 students and the company to cover all incurred expenses.

If interested, email Jordon to see the availability of the instructors and facilities.

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