On-Line Training

Same training.
Same exam.
Same price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Use the form on the registration page (click the button above).  When selecting a location, chose On-Line.

What do I need to be able to view the presentation?

Our presentation is created in Articulate, and should be able to be viewed from any browser.
Viewing from a mobile device may require downloading an app.

Articulate App in iTunes

The ASAA is NOT in the computer or software support business and does NOT support your ability to view the presentation.   If you are unable to view the presentation within the first five days of receiving your credentials, we are willing to move your registration to an upcoming in-class training but do NOT refund your money.

How do I pay?

You may pay in any one of three ways.
1 – using Paypal, you may request a PayPal invoice be sent to you.  Once sent, you may pay on-line.
2 – you may pay with Visa or Mastercard by clicking on our pay page.
3. You may mail a check to:
Arkansas Security Alarm Association
P.O. Box 773
Fort Smith, AR 72902

How do I login?

Once you have registered and pay for a course, you will be issued a username and password, along with a link to the on-line training page.  Logins are valid for 30 days per class (if you register for all three courses, your login will be valid for 90 days).  After the credentials expire, on-line access will no longer be granted without paying additional fees.

The exam does NOT have to be taken within the time a credential is valid, but must be taken within one year of registering for the course.  The login for the exam is only valid for seven days.

Where and when do I take the exam?

Upon completion of a course, the student will reply to the email from our Training Coordinator that contained the training web-site and their credentials.   A copy of the completed homework or exam should be attached.

The proper exam will then be added to the student’s login credentials.  The student will then have seven days to complete the exam.

To take the exam, a student MUST have:
Cell phone or tablet with forward facing (pointed the same direction as the screen) camera, or
Desktop workstation with web camera, and
High speed internet, and 
A quiet place, free from distraction and other people, to take the exam.

How and when do I get the results?

Our grading / notification process is usually very efficient.  Results are typically emailed to the student within three business days of the student taking the exam.  We ask all students to wait seven business days before contacting the ASAA about results.   If it has been a week and you still haven’t received results, please fill out the form:  https://aralarm.org/training/lost/.   As long as this form is received within 30 days, do not pay the fee.   If after 30 days, the fee must be paid.

To register for the on-line training, please click here.

Is the in-class training better?

Yes.  You will always learn more from an in-class training….both from the instructors and your fellow students.   However we realize that many people don’t have the time to devote 3 days to in-class training.

Is the exam pass percentage lower for on-line training?

Yes.   Approximately 10% more people fail the exam if they took the training on-line versus in-class training.