The Bentonville City Council approved a city ordinance (linked below) that allows them to charge for permitting fire alarm systems.  We believe this to be in direct conflict with our licensing law which states:

Exclusive regulation — Authority of political subdivisions.
(a) The regulation of investigation, security, and alarm systems companies is exclusive to the Director of
the Department of Arkansas State Police.
(b) Licensees and employees of licensees under the provisions of this chapter are not required to obtain
any authorization, permit, franchise, or license from, or pay another fee or franchise tax to, or post bond in any city,
county, or other political subdivision of this state to engage in the business or perform any service authorized under
this chapter.
(c) However, any city or county may require a company operating within its jurisdiction to register without
fee and may adopt an ordinance to require users of alarm systems to obtain revocable permits without fee.

We have emailed Sergeant Moyer for his interpretation and will update this when he response.