This email is on behalf of the Sherwood AR Fire Department

My name is Dylan Woodbury, and I’m a ComplianceCenter Specialist with BuildingReports.

You should have received a notification letter from the Sherwood Fire Department within the last week in regards to their adoption of ComplianceCenter. 

In summary: The Sherwood Fire Department has adopted ComplianceCenter from BuildingReports to receive all of the third party fire system inspections being performed in their jurisdiction.

All fire and life safety test and inspection records are required to be filed via ComplianceCenter as per Item 107.2.1 of the adopted IFC Code 2012 edition:
“Required test and inspection records shall be available to the fire code official at all times or such records as the fire code official designates shall be filed with the fire code official.”
Records indicate that your company has already registered with ComplianceCenter and has access to a ComplianceCenter Account. 

Please review your records, if you are performing inspections within Sherwood AR, immediately begin submitting the appropriate reports using your existing ComplianceCenter account.

If you are not performing inspections within Sherwood AR, please let me know so I can have you removed from the Fire Department’s mailing list.

I have attached a copy of the notification letter you received from the Sherwood Fire Department for your reference.

If you have any questions on how to submit reports or if you need assistance accessing your ComplianceCenter account, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Thank you,

Dylan Woodbury
ComplianceCenter Specialist
Office: (470) 443-9441
Email: dwoodbury@buildingreports.com

Sherwood AR – Notification Letter