The basics steps to opening an alarm systems company:

  • Read the Law to find out which comany license you will need, Class E or Class F and to ensure you meet the qualifications of a manager.
  • Read the Rules and Regulations to ensure you are qualified to own, operate, or work for an alarm systems company.
  • Register for the appropriate course for the type of registration you and your employees will need.
  • Pay for the course(s) and / or ASAA membership.
  • Take and pass the course(s) necessary to obtain the license and/or registration needed for your position.
  • Contact the Arkansas State Police to obtain the company license and employee registration applications.¬† ¬†Return the application and necessary documentation (proof of insurance, copy of a high school diploma or GED, application, fee) to the Arkansas State Police and schedule your license exam with them.
  • Take the license exam.
  • Obtain license and registrations.